Flora & Fauna Blanc

Grenache Blanc,
Sauvignon Blanc

Languedoc, France

Sometimes the simplest wines are the hardest to make. This project is really all about making wine that almost everyone likes and divides no one! We love Grenache Blanc at Vineyard Productions – so aromatic and yet taught and mineral too.

This is a bone dry, fragrant blend that is packed with a natural freshness and offers elegant aromas of stone fruits, pear skin and a hint of peach. The addition of Sauvignon Blanc adds a grassy twang and a mineral complexity.

Made for the dinner table, this wine is a true reflection of the South of France. It emulates the cold breeze from the sea that chills the vineyards and adds freshness to an aromatic range.

It pairs perfectly with a variety of dishes, with an everyday vigour that makes it the perfect early evening aperitif. That said, the rich roundness to the mid palate allows the wine to work very well with baked vegetables, poultry and rich fish dishes.


Languedoc, France

95% Grenache Blanc, 5% Sauvignon Blanc

Closure Type
Screw Cap

"Southern France, with its long, drawn-out summers, will always be more suited to red and rosé production that white, yet the hills of the Languedoc are cooler than one might expect and with the right site selection, outstanding white wine varieties flourish. This is a truly interesting wine made to please almost everyone that tries it."

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