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The Voice of the Land


Our wines aren’t a human interpretation of place, but the unbroken voice of it.

We are actively inactive in an attempt to let the intrinsic characteristics of the land speak. We encourage roots to flourish in soils rich with biota, we ferment using only indigenous yeast and at temperatures determined by nature itself. When intervention is necessary, we do it gently.

This is not an exercise in environmental box-ticking, rather it incorporates those practices that enable us to produce the best wine possible. The byproduct of this, is land less negatively impacted by winemaking.

SPOKE is a celebration of place, a true reflection of its importance and a statement of our commitment to protecting the land.

SPOKE ‘Resolute’

SPOKE ‘Amped’

SPOKE ‘Awatere’

SPOKE ‘Rudimental’

SPOKE ‘Brink’

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“The only thing left behind is footprints.”

Too often, a wine’s narrative begins and ends once it leaves the land where it was produced, but we want to continue its story. We’ve done this by committing to an apprenticeship scheme that provides opportunities to a new generation of aspirants. People who we can help to educate, but just as significantly from whom we can learn from too.

We’re aware that shipping wine halfway around the world, brings various challenges to a company trying to behave responsibly. Some of the ways we’re minimising our impact are by, choosing the right partners and controlling our packaging.