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Looking for a new supplier?

We supply importers and distributors globally. With our wines represented in over 27 countries around the world, our customers include a broad selection of leading quality independent merchants. Would you like to work with us? Some of your questions are answered below, but most importantly please get in touch, so our team can reach out and start a conversation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What merchants do you normally work with?

We supply UK and overseas, generally in the independent sector, and almost always those with a strong wine focus.  Our wines all have a string narrative as well as prioritising quality, although many of our brands are produced in significant quantities. Whether you are a big company or a small one, there is a good chance we are a good fit for you,

Please contact Ben Hawker DipWSET by email
or phone on +44 (0)7593 557 810
if you are interested.

How do I open a trade account?

Simply get in touch with our Finance Director Joseph Sharp, by email at  and he will set this up for you.

How do I place an order?

You can place an order by email or phone, our team will ring you as regularly as your require, even working directly with your forecasting team, to ensure that you have the stock you need, always.

Our aim is to make the wine buying process as easy as possible.

Please contact Ben Hawker DipWSET by email
or phone on +44 (0)7593 557 810 if you are interested.

Where do we collect the wine from?

All of our wines are available, at the winery for collection.

In France we also have a centralised warehouse to allow easier collection of orders.

In the UK the wines are all held in London City Bond too, where collection or delivery can be arranged.

What support do we receive for distributing your wines?

The Vineyard Productions business model is a game-changer, that has a dramatically positive impact on our business too!  Working directly with the people that make the wine is fantastic, removing the middle men, bringing our customers closer to the wine than ever. Liam Steevenson MW and Mark Pygott MW combine a level of enthusiasm and product knowledge that is second to none. Whether we are shipping directly from the winery, or through their UK warehouse, the team is expertly managed, with an incredible ability to understand our needs and get it right!

Mike McGarry

Managing Director, Sovereign Wines Ltd.