A creative agency producing artisanal wines, focusing on the ancient & the indigenous.

Working in cellars around the world, our team of Masters of Wine and winemakers invest and collaborate with vineyard owners and winemaking teams to create artisanal wines that reflect place.

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Discovering Place…

Everything begins with ‘place’, a site that is unique and has a character of its own, with a story to tell. We are very human in our choices. We fall for beauty. Sun falling on the hills, gnarled ancient vines, old stone village walls, the faces of the people drinking coffee in the morning…

We breathe in and inhale; the old vines burning in the fields, the Gitanes ‘sans filtres’ smoked with morning cognac, the fresh baked bread, the broken fruit, the grape juice fermenting in the cellars. We taste; we taste everything. Food, fruit, cheese and of course wine.

Other people’s wines inspire us. Those that set the standard for the region, or challenge everything that has gone before. We look at varieties that are indigenous, that have history, and those that are new, that find a natural footing. Regions have opportunities, some are easy to find, others take some searching.

We always start with ‘place’, it is the canvas on which everything else is built.

Uncovering the Story

Winemaking is inherently conservative. Built on generations of repetition, or expensively purchased or created –  land, vineyards, wineries, people. With one harvest per year of production, it is not an industry that inspires creativity.

Starting in corners of cellars, we begin small, a few barrels, one or two tanks. We are not oblivious to the overheads that others have given us the opportunity to use, and indeed with time we invest in them too. However, starting small we can afford to dream a little, try things that a bigger producer might not.   

Being able to be brave allows us to uncover a region’s strength. Winemaking without barriers, winemaking unshackled, gives us the  opportunity to aim for excellence or points of difference in a way others would struggle to do.

Building relationships…

Vineyard Productions began and remains based on a desire to build relationships. We wanted to have friends, friends that grew up in a place, understand it. Not only do we passionately believe we make better wines this way, but it makes our lives fuller, creating  human connections around the world that we enjoy, and maybe our children might in the future.

It is the  winemaking that unites us, strengthened by the importance of ensuring all of our winemaking friends are fully incorporated in the projects, their stories told, their home respected.   Our challenging approach to wine production creates conversation, consideration and soul-searching. It is fulfilling and results in a level of mutual respect that creates very strong bonds.

The concept of ‘terroir’ is debated by many, soil, aspect, climate etc. But for us it is the human aspect we value the most, and reflecting that in the final wine is where we place most importance.

Collaborative in expertise…

There are two Masters of Wine in our team and one in training.  We have two winemakers and three part-time oenologists, plus a team of marketing experts and designers who bring in a wealth of consumer and market knowledge. 

Almost all of our projects take place in small cellars, with family winemakers who have long worked alone,  often unaffected by the winemaking world around them. To bring in expertise from around the world is fascinating, it allows a Sauvignon producer in New Zealand to work with a white Grenache producer in Catalonia, Spain, a sparkling wine producer in England to share thoughts with a winemaker in India. 

We are not ‘flying winemakers’. There is no uniformity of style. Every story begins at its source, every winemaking decision is made locally. The wines are always true to themselves, however allowing interaction, human conversation and a breeding of ideas that is fundamental to our business ethics.

Great Design…

Design that reflects the narrative of our stories is vital. Visual reflections of the wine, its personality, the place and people behind it.

Ensuring that the labeling belongs to a place is important, takes on board local artistry, regional printing skills and paper sources that both belong and are environmentally considerate.  Promises like these bring their own challenges, but also offer reward. Our Indian wine labels were drawn by hand with the charcoal from the wood fires of Nashik, in the hills above Mumbai.

Our design team are fully integrated in the business, part of every conversation, about  vines, winemaking, people, taste. When pen goes to paper, the story they have to tell is theirs as much as ours.

Telling the Narrative…

There is no point in having a great story, unless you know how to tell it. In a world of multiple retail, the conversations that once happened at the point of sale are not there like they used to be.

In restaurants wine waiters and sommeliers have their chance, just. Wine has little space on television, and newspaper columns are shrinking. Wine is losing its voice.

For us we work very hard to tell the narrative.  Through words, spoken and written, through video, through tasting we consider this every step of the way. For Vineyard Productions to be a success our winemaking needs to be excellent, our story-telling world class.

The Team

A group of passionate individuals who are all experts in their field, bringing together the skillset,
human conversation and breeding of ideas that are fundamental to the ethics of our business.

In no particular order and with very equal importance…

Martin McCully, Nick Beck, Mark Pygott MW, Rosie Clarkson, Ben Glover, Pierrick Harang, Liam Steevenson MW, Franck Massard,
Candice Veitch, Joseph Sharp, and a huge amount of friends that pick grapes, punch-down tanks, draw beautifully, and tell our stories…


Joe Sharp


Joe has been part of the team in Bristol for 9 months now and didn't take much convincing to move from the pharmaceuticals industry to the wine trade. A love for evenings out and a father who previously ran a vineyard made the opportunity to join GWS difficult to resist. Based in Clifton, Joe has become completely immersed within the Bristol food and wine scene and a job that comprises finance with these interests is a perfect fit. Along with being well on his way to becoming a chartered accountant, outside of work Joe's passion for Italy has him taking Italian classes in Bristol and his sporty side sees him playing rugby in the week and cycling through the Mendips on the weekends.
Mark Pygott

Mark Pygott MW

Master of Wine & Production Manager

Mark has worked in the wine industry since 2002, beginning his wine career as a cellar hand in England before moving to the Languedoc in the south of France to further hone his winemaking skills. On returning to the UK in 2004 he established a wine importing and distribution company that specialised in some of the less ‘classic’ wine-producing regions of the Old World. Having sold this business in 2012, he moved to Taiwan. During his five years there he became Taiwan’s first resident Master of Wine and started a consultancy business helping clients in numerous countries around the world. Mark has recently completed a book on French wine in collaboration with illustrator Michael O’Neill and is currently writing the next installment; ‘A Field Guide to Italy’. Whilst enjoying his mixed portfolio of work that sees him regularly working in China, Taiwan, Australia and France, his recent move back to the UK has afforded him the opportunity to work with GWS and Liam; a friend in the wine-trade since 2005.

Liam Steevenson MW

Master of Wine & CEO

In 2004 Liam became the youngest of only 163 Masters of Wine in the world to pass the exam, and one of a select group to pass it on the 1st attempt, winning the Villa Maria price for viticulture along the way. Having grown up in the wine industry, wine has been his vocabulary since an early age and led him to senior positions with Bibendum and Armit Wines before setting up his own business 'RED&WHITE' in the west-country, a company that went on to be the IWC Regional Wine Merchant of the Year with Liam becoming the O2 Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Liam established WINESTOCK, a Wine and Food Festival Series in 2008, and then in 2012 took a break to consider his future, one that saw him set 2 x Guinness World Records in an Atlantic Row. On return Liam joined the Waitrose Buying team, managing major regions in France with New Zealand and Australia.

In 2017 Liam founded Global Wine Solutions Ltd, an influential business that consults across the international industry. He runs winemaking projects in France, Spain, New Zealand and India. Liam is an International Judge.

Liam is most proud of his three children, who all want to be anything but wine merchants and would like him to get on less planes!

Rosie Clarkson

Head of Marketing

Rosie has worked in the wine trade for 10 years, a decision made following a year spent in Bordeaux, where any hopes of becoming a lawyer were quickly replaced with a passion for wine. Starting out in the cellars at Avery’s in Bristol, Rosie has since then worked in London as a Marketing and Brand Manager for Alliance Wine and Armit Wines respectively. Most recently Rosie has been a wine consultant to the super yacht industry, supplying fine wine to yachts around the world. Having known Liam for most of her career, Rosie was excited to be asked to join the team this year as the Brand & Marketing Manager. Based on the Côte d’Azur Rosie spends her free time enjoying natures playground with water sports in the summer and skiing in the winter.

Pierrick Harang

Wine Maker

Pierrick Harang is the fifth generation of producers, oenologists from his father side, all sharing the same drive to create the best. Catching the virus from his dad, Pierre-Yves Harang, Chef de Caves of GH Mumm Champagne, Pierrick was top graduated from the Oenology and Research Center of the Chemistry University of Montpellier in 1998. Pierrick brings technical expertise and scientific mastery of winemaking, from the grapes to the bottle. He offers extensive knowledge of domestic and foreign markets, bringing you the keys to success. He closely follows the world’s evolution, with a focus on emerging restrictions, trends and demands. A wine must belong to its time! His experiences and passion are devoted to all wines, from the simplest to the most ambitious.Pierrick teaches how to create your own line of wines and how to sell it all over the world in his former University. He is also addicted to windsurfing, stand up paddle surfing and a happy father of three children.
Ben Glover

Ben Glover

Wine Maker

When it comes to professional wine people, Ben Glover is about as top-of-the-tree as it gets, in this country anyway. He has ‘Chief Winemaker’ and ‘Director of Winemaking’ titles from internationally acclaimed brands such as Wither Hills, Lindauer, Huntaway and Corbans on his resumé, and was most recently Group Winemaker for Accolade New Zealand, sourcing fruit from Hawke’s Bay, Waipara, Marlborough and Central Otago for brands such as Mud House. In 2016 he made the decision to leave his day job, to go live with the family wine brand, Zephyr.

Ben is a past Wine Marlborough committee member, chair of the Bragato Wine Show (New Zealand’s only single vineyard wine show) and was chair of Pinot Noir 2017 New Zealand, the world’s largest and most prestigious pinot noir event, held every four years in Wellington.

He was an inaugural Len Evans scholar in 2001 and has over 25 years of experience as a national and international wine judge, testimony to his dedication to quality wine – both as a winemaker and as an appreciative wine drinker.

Martin McCully

Head of Design

Martin is a multi award winning, highly skilled, Creative Director with a wide range of skills in design, advertising, branding, print, illustration, UX, UI & digital. Martin has a proven track record of design direction and consultancy for national & international clients involving managing design teams in London, New York, and Sydney.

An excellent advocate for design at board level, Martin has the ability to align design strategy to business goals, for organisations to use and implement Design in the enhancement and differentiation of their brands and products.

In the past 20 years, Martin's work has ranged from advertising campaigns for international corporations such as Microsoft, Santander, General Motors, Diageo, Pernod Richard, 20th Century Fox, to Graphic, UX, UI and Design Systems for companies such as Liveposter, SSE, Waitrose, Pernod Ricard, in addition to working with a significant number of award winning SMEs on branding and product development. This varied career has seen been recognised with over 40 industry awards, the highlight being two Cannes Lions.

Key to Martin’s abilities is his skill in getting to the heart of the brief, working with clients/stakeholders helping them to define their actual needs, to drive effective design that exceeds client expectations, and provides measurable returns.

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India is one of the more complicated places to grow grapes suitable for wine production. However despite all of this, we feel that India will never be short of ambition, and should be taken seriously as a wine producing country with exports growing at an impressive rate… read more

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Bordeaux is a city of long-standing importance within France. A city rich in its history, its grandeur and its culture, Bordeaux’s heritage has evolved with two centuries of architecture transforming it into the UNESCO site that it is today. With vines first planted in Roman times, the creation of this beautiful city solidified Bordeaux’s position centre stage of the wine world… read more