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A reflection of the past, a creative union of ancient winemaking techniques and modern palates.

Created by Master of Wine, Liam Steevenson, Immortelle is an outstanding collection of wines from the Côtes du Roussillon Villages in the South of France. Made using traditional production methods, these wines reflect the place and its people. They tell a story of the Roussillon and demonstrate its greatness. Immortelle as a concept began in 2014, but its origins trace back hundreds of years.

Immortelle is a remarkable journey through time. In a world where winemaking has become so industrialised, Immortelle dares to honour the past. Handcrafted by Master of Wine Liam Steevenson and Oenologist Pierrick Harang, using only ancient techniques and methods, Immortelle is a testament to the passion and dedication of those who came before us. With every glass, you’ll be transported to the rugged heart of the Roussillon region, where the Bousquet family have been cultivating their vineyards for seven generations. Their vines yield uniquely transcendent wines, a tribute to the grower’s dedication to the land.

Liam Steevenson Master of Wine

“I am fascinated by old vines. The quality of wines that they produce and the narrative they tell both visually and sensually.”

Liam Steevenson, Master of Wine

The Old Vines of the Roussillon Have Captured the Attention of the World.

Immortelle is consistently ranked in the top 1% of wines from the Roussillon, and in the top 3% of wines in the world (Vivino).

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