Brut Rosé



Brut Rosé

Essex, England

There’s a moment of joy that accompanies opening a bottle of fine sparkling wine. Great still wines are solemnly appraised, but sparkling wines demand the company of friends, partners, and lovers.

Libertine is a celebration of these bonds of pleasure. Low-lying Essex has witnessed the steepest rise in reputation of any of England’s burgeoning wine regions. A county itself largely composed of clay, gravel and sand that has been dragged and deposited from elsewhere. Is now a home-from-home to a winemaking culture that only recently crossed the Channel.

Long, dry summers give Essex a head start. Fruit flavours are always a tad more exuberant than elsewhere, and the body of the wine is inherently fuller. Beyond this, there’s something irrepressible and spirited about this estuarine corner of England that spills over into Libertine.

This rosé wine blends two noble varieties – Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. It’s a collaboration between two English Masters of Wine who have spent much of their time in exile, winemaking abroad. Essex surprised them too. For sparkling wine, it seems, there really is no place like home

Essex, United Kingdom

60% Pinot Noir, 40% Chardonnay

Closure Type
Natural Cork

"Not so much the Wild West as the Wild East. Could I fall in love with Essex after an eighteen-year relationship with Champagne? Yes! Yes! Yes!"