A rich, golden wine that is fruit driven with a lingering saline finish. It offers crystallised honey, apricots, lightly toasted almonds and fig jam notes. Enjoy with intensely rich and creamy Roquefort, Stilton or Gorgonzola. On its own as an aperitif or with pastry desserts.

Estagel, France

Domaine Bousquet

100% Grenache Blanc

Closure Type
Natural Cork

"With a noteable amber color and unique flavor profile. Produced from Grenache Blanc and Muscat. The production process involves harvesting, fermentation, fortification with grape spirit, and extended aging in oak barrels, giving it its distinct amber hue and complex, rich flavours."

The Range


Immortelle Rivesaltes Ambré

Immortelle Rivesaltes Grenat

Immortelle ‘Le Casot’

Petite Immortelle