“Yaatra”(noun – Hindi) – A journey, the act of travelling from place to place. Creating wine in this country of unmatched beauty is a step into the unknown, a voyage of discovery, struggle and joy.

Nashik, the region from which this oak-aged Syrah comes, is not new to exploration and discovery. Its temples have been a destination for pilgrims for thousands of years, for as long as the locals have been burning charcoal outside their houses and for as long as India has been able to transport your mind, body and soul on the ultimate “Yaatra”. This is a wine project by Vineyard Productions and York Winery in Maharashtra.

Nashik (also Nasik) is a picturesque area with deep green rolling hills about a three hour drive from Mumbai. The terrain is hilly and sits at between 610 and 730m above sea level. With warm days of 27 °C and cold nights of just temperature of 7–8°C during the growing season, the conditions are ideal for making wine with the characteristic flavour of the Nashik valley.

The soil in the Nashik Region is Volcanic Black Basalt, characterised by its subhumid and semi-arid climate. Most of the region has black clay soils with little organic matter and around 15% of the region consists of light red soil. The Wine Capital of India, Nashik, has about 8,000 acres (3,200 ha) under wine vine out of a total area of about 180,000 acres (73,000 ha) under various types of grape cultivation.

Yaatra, A wine of Exploration and Discovery


Despite the warmth of the region, we managed to make quite an incredible wine in 2016 that we are all very proud of. Syrah has flex in ripening, which other varietals do not, and that has given us this ability to work with the cooler, less ripe parcels and make a remarkably fresh and elegant wine. 

The Syrah used for Yaatra has been destemmed & fermented as whole berries. The fermentation process takes place in stainless steel tanks at temperatures kept deliberately low to preserve the red fruit elements in the wine. The total maceration time on skins is 22 days to extract colour, flavour & tannins. Post malolactic fermentation, the wine has been allowed to mature in medium toasted French barrels for a period of 13 months.

Tasting Notes
Whole berry ferment, brings out dark berry and black pepper on the nose, and a controlled Stainless Steel ferment ensures that the palate, although full of fruit, is elegant with gripping acidity and chewy tannins. Matured in medium toasted French barrels for a period of 13 months. This is an age-worthy, yet smooth & elegant wine with soft tannins not distracting from the up-front fruit concentration. Surprisingly close to the Northern Rhône in style.

  • Alcohol – 14%

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