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El Garbi, Spanish Wine from Vineyard Productions

El Garbi

El Garbi is the product of Liam’s fascination with Priorat, which was the topic of his dissertation for his Master of Wine exam.  He found that the most interesting wines were those produced from white Grenache found in the smaller and lesser known Terra Alta region… read more

Fincher & Co Range

Fincher & Co.

We feel that New Zealand is all about terroir, and more specifically single site viticulture. Fincher & Co. is built around the importance of finding exceptional vineyards that highlight the intrinsic qualities and diverse nature of Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir… read more

Flora&Fauna, Cepages Du Sud, Frome Vineyard Productions, French Wine

Flora & Fauna

Flora & Fauna is a range of wines that we created to showcase the natural and varietal brilliance of the vineyards of the Midi. This area of the South of France is as abundant in wildlife as it is in vines, which carpet the land from the mountains to the sea… read more

Immortelle, Cotes du Russilon Villages, French Wine


Immortelle is a wine that we designed to reflect the remarkable region from which it comes. It is a wine of outstanding quality, produced within the Rousillon, in the foothills of the Pyrénées… read more


A beautiful pale salmon pink colour, MAÏA is an incredibly elegant Côtes de Provence rosé with layers of fruit balanced by refreshing acidity. On the nose the wine is eager and intense… read more

Yaatra Indian WIne from Vineyard Productions


India is one of the more complicated places to grow grapes suitable for wine production. However despite all of this, we feel that India will never be short of ambition, and should be taken seriously as a wine producing country with exports growing at an impressive rate… read more