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The Story of French Wine in Numbers

The decision to launch a range of French wines, using the number of the Département in which it was made, was a simple one. It was simple because it gave us the freedom to choose the appellation within these regions that we most admired. It enabled us to collaborate with some of the greatest winemakers and estates of France and to assemble a collection of wines that are true exemplars; wine that allow us to confidently declare “this is France!”.

By producing a range dedicated to the unique, representative, and arresting, we believe that we have created a safe haven for all the Francophiles wanting a consistently great bottle of wine. At the same time, we’ve made it easy for those who are interested in exploring what makes French wine ‘great’, to see the foundations on which France’s reputation as the world’s foremost wine producer has been built.

"Delivering one outstanding example of a regions best work."

The ninety-six Département’s of France were established in 1790, as a way to encourage national unity and to emphasise the importance of being equal partners in a much larger whole. Our Département wines are part of that same story.

It is true that all of our Département wines can stand alone, as they are outstanding examples of the best of French wine, yet by linking them together, we aim to experience something more.

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